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ByMary Ananda Shakti

What Is A Hypnotherapy Session Like : What Steps Are Involved

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

You will be asked to sit in a comfortable chair and after checking that you are ready I will then begin an induction.

The induction is a form of words designed to lead you into a relaxing and comfortable trance.

If you are nervous, then I will demonstrate your hypnotic abilities by taking you briefly into trance and out again so that you experience it firsthand.

That way you get to understand the amazing power of hypnosis.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session

Although you are deeply relaxed you are actively involved in the process at every stage.

In hypnotherapy you are not a passive observer, you are always aware of what is going on and following what I am saying, and actively working with me.… Read the rest

ByMary Ananda Shakti

Hypnotherapy Definition : Hypnosis What Is It? – Does It Work?

What is clinical hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy Does It Work

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic application of hypnosis.

It is a powerful form of communication that uses psychological procedures to generate healing and change.

The medical use of hypnosis began thousands of years ago, and the hypnotic trance has been used ever since in many different forms.

We all experience trance every day in various forms:

If you have ever driven home and not remembered how you got there, or if you have been so absorbed in a book, movie or computer game that you lost track of time, you were in trance.


“Trance is natural and normal and everyone can do it.

Read the rest
ByMary Ananda Shakti

Why Do Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Why Choose A Hypnotherapy Treatment For Anxiety And Panic Attacks?

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Fear and Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy can assist with any issue that involves psychological states.

However, no matter how much you believe in the mind-body nexus, or that the mind controls how the body works, or that everything is influenced by a universal consciousness, hypnotherapy will not cure everything.

Nobody ever got taller by wishing for it or got rid of baldness by affirmations.

Hypnosis in not magic, it is about applying proven scientific procedures that change the basic structures of the mind.

The mind does affect the body: the way you behave can affect the way you think, the way you think can affect the way you feel.… Read the rest

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