How Does Hypnosis Work on The Brain to Affect Consciousness Heal

How Does Hypnosis Work

How Does Hypnosis Work on The Brain to Affect Consciousness Heal

How Does Hypnosis Work?

How does hypnosis really work?

How does hypnosis work on the brain?

How does hypnosis happen?

How does hypnosis help?

How does hypnosis work for weight loss?

How does hypnosis help you quit smoking?

How does hypnosis reduce pain?

How does hypnosis relieve stress?


These are some of the real questions and concerns people ask me about hypnosis.

I have decided to write down my answers in the following article.

I hope it helps you, in your understanding of hypnosis a little better…


We have two parts to our mind: the conscious and the subconscious.

How Does Hypnosis Work on The Brain to Affect Consciousness Heal

Our conscious mind is the part of our (Logic) mind we need to analyze and rationalize with.

It is able to only do one thing at a time…

and it has a working or short term memory perfect for remembering that telephone number someone gives you just before you dial it…

or the fact you got up from the sofa to make a cup of tea when you get to the kitchen.

It’s the part of our mind that is talking to us all day long.


“Sometimes with an ongoing chatter that never stops.


It helps us solve problems and is able to make sense of any behaviour we see or experience.


Our subconscious (Creative) mind is busy all the time too.

It is in charge of your long term memory and all the autonomic parts of our body.

These are the parts that we need to stay alive, such as a regular heart rate, stable blood pressure and our breathing.

It also holds our creative parts, our emotions, our imagination and all our feelings and emotions.


“Our permanent memories are all stored in our subconscious too.


All the things you believe and live by, come form what is stored in your subconscious.

When you respond to something with any emotion, a smell, or action, it evokes a memory

that’s coming from something stored in your subconscious filing system.

Your subconscious self can sometimes get a little drowned out with all the chattering your conscious mind does during the day.


Self hypnosis work helps that conscious mind quieten down enough.

So you can get some important information to or from your subconscious mind.

It’s a time when positive suggestions can be placed into your subconscious replacing bad habits and outdated information.

In many ways your subconscious is like a computer.


“All hypnosis is self hypnosis for no change in your life issues can happen without you truly wanting it.


Self hypnosis reprograms your subconscious and then reboots it…

saving all the new information in there for it to use when you awaken from your relaxed state.

Because many of our actions stem from our emotions and feelings

changing these affects the way we act and react in different situations.


If you think you’ve never been hypnotized before think again.

You enter a hypnotic state at least twice as day as you go to sleep and when you first awaken.

Studies have shown one of the best ways to learn a new skill is to sleep on it.

It allows the subconscious save all the material into your memory banks where it stays ready to use again.

How Does Hypnosis Work: A hypnotic state happens naturally when relaxed

A hypnotic state can happen naturally when you are relaxed.

If you’ve ever been driving and suddenly realized you are almost at your destination (Called Highway Hypnosis.) but are a little unsure of how you got there, then you’ve been accessing your subconscious state.

Book lovers may know the feeling of becoming so immersed in a good book (Known as Hypnotic Trance.) they don’t hear someone talking to them.

Same thing happens when watching a riveting action movie or thrilling episode of your favorite TV soap opera.

That’s you moving into a state of hypnosis.


Sometimes stress or environment can prevent us stilling ourselves enough…

to teach our subconscious to think positive thoughts.

Negative self talk playing in our subconscious can prevent us from losing that weight

giving up smoking or feeling confident when walking into a business meeting.


Using self hypnosis tools can provide our subconscious with…

new and fresh positive thoughts and phrases that replace or override negative ones.

As these become our chief thoughts, they affect our reactions and behaviour and positive changes begin to occur in our lives.


“The best part is, it is driven from our subconscious mind.


We don’t have to force that willpower or reason to get there – we just let our subconscious lead us instead.


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