How it Started: Vape History and Common Vaping Facts and Myths

How it Started: Vape History and Common Vaping Facts and Myths

What is Vaping and is it Safe as An Alternative to Traditional Smoking.

Get your head out of the clouds folks because there are things you really need to know about vaping.

Here I will introduce you to the vaping history, the inventors of the vape and they are not the ones that first spring to your mind.

Some fun ‘did you know’ type facts and myths, and then introduce you to the celebrity vaping community.

What is Vaping and is it Safe

What is vaping?

Well, if you didn’t hear of it by now that would be surprising because it actually is an activity that you see a lot of around today.

It’s what is taking the place of smoking.

Those people who smoked cigarettes a lot in the past, you could say they quit smoking by moving over to vaping.


Another name for it is an e-cigarette.

E-cigarettes are apparently safer than the traditional tobacco cigarette products so you can imagine…

it has become quite a popular replacement to cigarette smoking.

Actually, it is not only popular just because it’s the alternative to cigarette smoking.

OK let’s check out some interesting fun facts about vaping to begin with:


You actually get vaping conventions

Have you noticed how popular conventions have become lately; to the point that you get video conventions…

even comic book conventions, and yes, vaping conventions too.

These conventions can get pretty big and attract heaps of interested people.

At a vaping convention, for instance, different accessories and all the latest things to know about vaping will be on display.

Interesting fun facts about vaping


Many think of vaping as a hobby

Vaping is a unique way of smoking compared to an activity like cigar or cigarette smoking.

To vapers, vaping is something like a hobby where friends get together and they vape together, being like-minded.

To them, they find it a social experience, enjoying sharing the different e-liquid flavorings…

and all the different techniques that go along with the vaping experience.


Did you know that vaporizers were handed out at the Academy Awards?

Yes, this does seem strange to some people, but it is actually what happened.

Vaporizers were handed out during the 2016 Academy Awards as gifts, with many celebrities receiving them.

It attracted a lot of attention to the vaping community.

There are many celebrities who are members of the vaping community such as the musical artist, Katy Perry and also Jack Nicholson.


Cloud chasing is like a kind of sport (well, sort of)

If you are a vaper, you no doubt have heard of the term, cloud chasing; you would have heard about it at a vaping convention as well.

The vapers involved try and produce the largest, thickest plumes of vapor.

Enthusiasts have turned it into a sport, having their own competitions, not regulated competitions and neither recognized…

but those who are vapers take it seriously.


Well, those are ‘did you know’ things about vaping, but let’s also take a quick look-see who invented the vape.

Did you know things about vaping - but who invented the vape


This tale goes back in time to the 1960s.

Most people would guess that e-cigarettes were invented by tobacco companies for the cigarette smokers…

but this time around, the big tobacco industry didn’t come up with the vape invention.

The vape was invented by people who were trying to stop smoking, with the aim of trying to smoke less.


” The first e-cigarette was invented in the USA in 1963 by Herbert Gilbert, who wanted to patent his ‘non-tobacco-smokeless cigarette’, which was granted in 1965.


His e-cigarette was free from nicotine, and in its place was a flavored vapor which was supposed to replace the smoke from tobacco.

In those days, however, there was not a whole lot of interest in the vape simply because the dangers of smoking…

and the health risks associated with it weren’t recognized as much, so nobody took a whole lot of notice.


But in 2001 it came up again when a pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik, a traditional Chinese medicine expert…

whose father has passed away from lung cancer, and who himself was a heavy smoker, decided to quit smoking.

He started experimenting with vaporization, trying to find a replica of the feeling of inhaling tobacco smoke…

eventually setting on propylene glycol.


This is a common food additive.

Propylene glycol is non-toxic, and along with vegetable glycerin, these became the main ingredients in e-liquid.

Vaping went on to become an e-cigarette that allows people today to use battery vapers with enough energy to allow them to ‘smoke’ an e-cigarette for some hours.

Over the years, to where we are today, Herbert Gilbert and Hon Lik are the designers of the vapes seen today, and today…

there have been many other inventions that you can see when it comes to vapes.

There simply have been heaps of improvements made by hobbyists which have today become mainstream.



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