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Hypnosis Donegal: Best Certified Hypnosis Therapy Clinic in Ireland

Hypnosis Donegal: Is Hypnosis a Mainstream Concept?

Hypnosis Donegal -If you are considering hypnosis but worry that it may be taking you on the long slow road to hippy skirts and backpacking through India in search of your Guru you can relax.

Many high performance athletes and sports people: use self hypnosis to break through fears, keep themselves focused and improve their performance.

It has been found to help those athletes who have been injured to heal faster and stronger using self hypnosis techniques.

Many of these athletes use mantras or short simple phrases coming to of their hypnosis sessions to push them through their pain barriers…

Or keep them focused when all they really want to do is stop and rest.… Read the rest

How To Banish Your Negative Voice With Inner Critic Hypnosis

Banish That Negative Inner Critic Voice in Your Head the One Holding You Back from Achieving You Dream Life!

Banish The Inner Critic Which is Holding You Back With Hypnosis

Many people suffer from an “inner critic” that niggling little voice that keeps telling you…

Who cares?

Do you really think they’ll like it?

That’s just garbage, etc., etc., etc.

This bothersome inner critic has likely kept the most prolific writer from penning a great novel, or kept a potential Olympian from ever making the grade.

Some of these inner critics that are in our minds begin when we’re a very young child.


Perhaps a teacher or parent has damaged our “can do” spirit in some way so that we think of ourselves as unable to accomplish certain feats or reach certain goals.… Read the rest

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