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Vape Arguments For and Against Vaping Restrictions Facts to Know

Facts Against Vaping for Fun or as A Stop Smoking Alternative.

Here are some organizations who are ‘for’ and against vaping:

Organizations Are For Vaping – Those who don’t object to vaping 

  • Public Health England says that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.
  • The American Heart Association’s say that vaporizers are less dangerous than cigarettes and that vaping can even help people to quit smoking.
  • The Royal College of Physicians says that vaping is the first genuine way of helping people to quit smoking.
  • The Spanish Council of Scientific Research says that the amounts of volatile organic compounds that are found in exhaled vapors are less than both exhaled smoke and normal breath.
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What Does Vaping Equipment Look Like for E-juice Vaping Products

What Comprises Vaping Equipment and Supplies. 

In this article I will introduce you to some of the various different types of vaping equipment and products available in the vape market place today.

This pretty colored vape equipment and accessories as you can clearly see from the images are mainly aimed towards vulnerable teens and young adults.

Artificially flavored and sweetened to heighten the teenagers vaping experience, which in turn forms a lifelong smoking addiction in the young person to keep them returning for more.

Vaping Equipment and Supplies



The vaporizer is an electric device that turns the vaping materials into vapor for you to smoke.… Read the rest

Vaping Truths About Teens Risks and Vaping vs Smoking Addiction

Some Vaping Truths to Know About. 

Vaping Truths – Around 7 out of 10 smokers want to stop smoking. Smoking is no longer cool.

Not only unhealthy, but smoking in public places is banned in heaps of countries – nobody wants to breathe in cigarette smoke fumes.

Everybody knows that smoking is harmful to every part of your body and that includes your heart.

Smoking might have been a cool thing to do in the past, but it no longer is.

Right now, you might be a smoker and feeling tempted to switch over to e-cigarettes.


But let’s get an expert’s opinion on the truths about vaping.

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How it Started: Vape History and Common Vaping Facts and Myths

What is Vaping and is it Safe as An Alternative to Traditional Smoking.

Get your head out of the clouds folks because there are things you really need to know about vaping.

Here I will introduce you to the vaping history, the inventors of the vape and they are not the ones that first spring to your mind.

Some fun ‘did you know’ type facts and myths, and then introduce you to the celebrity vaping community.

What is Vaping and is it Safe

What is vaping?

Well, if you didn’t hear of it by now that would be surprising because it actually is an activity that you see a lot of around today.… Read the rest

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