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“Great things never came from comfort zones!


A Chara,

Thank you, for inquiring about my very successful program to stop smoking.

An average 20 a day smoker spends more than €4000 a year on their 10-year smoking habit of €40,000. But I’m sure it’s for health reasons you’re more interested in stopping smoking than for the savings. When you stop smoking, you have the potential to add many more years of quality family time to your life expectancy.

I have a success rate of 95 percent and if you happen to be one of the other 5 percent for some reason, you can return free within the first month after your appointment.

Your health, wealth and longevity investment is €250. When you commit to “Stop Smoking” with me, first you pay €25 booking fee via the “PayPal Button” below then you can pay the balance when you arrive at your appointment. When you do this, it shows me that you are serious and committed to stop smoking. Once I receive your booking fee I will contact you directly to arrange your personal appointment in South Donegal.

I have to impose this booking fee because of the number of people in the past who have not been faithful in showing up for their allotted appointments. I will now just accept people who are seriously committed to their future health by paying their booking fee in advance and by listening to their very special unique recordings in advance of their appointments.

Upon receipt of your booking payment via PayPal (You just need to follow the on-screen instructions.) you will be redirected to a download page containing a “Downloadable Zip File” that includes your confidential questionnaire and two audio recordings that you will need to listen to before arriving at your allotted appointment…

  • Track one at least once.
  • But more importantly, while lying down wearing headphones, track two at least three times.

Only when you have carried out these instructions and you’re fully ready to stop smoking, then fill in the enclosed “Questionnaire” and return it to me.

I understand your difficult situation very well as a former smoker myself. If you have heard my recordings and read all the information, please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions at .

I look forward to working with you and helping you become a permanent ex-smoker too, thank you for your request.




Mary Ananda Shakti, DIP (adv) HYP PSYCH, MNLP.

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