Vape Arguments For and Against Vaping Restrictions Facts to Know

Vape Arguments For and Against Vaping Restrictions Facts to Know

Facts Against Vaping for Fun or as A Stop Smoking Alternative.

Here are some organizations who are ‘for’ and against vaping:

Organizations Are For Vaping – Those who don’t object to vaping 

  • Public Health England says that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.
  • The American Heart Association’s say that vaporizers are less dangerous than cigarettes and that vaping can even help people to quit smoking.
  • The Royal College of Physicians says that vaping is the first genuine way of helping people to quit smoking.
  • The Spanish Council of Scientific Research says that the amounts of volatile organic compounds that are found in exhaled vapors are less than both exhaled smoke and normal breath.

Against Vaping: Vape Arguments For and Against Vaping Restrictions Facts to Know


Organizations Against Vaping – Those who object to vaping 

  • The World Health Organization reports that vaping could well become the gateway for teens and young adults to the world of smoking.
  • A study from the American Association for the Advancement of Science says that vaping has just about the same impact as cigarettes in terms of suppressing the essential immune system-related genes.


Here are just a couple of things you should do to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you when vaping:

If you are not a smoker now, then don’t start to vape. We know that nicotine is a serious drug, highly addictive, which can lead to all kinds of health problems on its own.


“It is not worth taking on addiction for the sake of vaping.


If you must vape, choose the best vaping gear from the best manufacturers.
Remember, low-quality vaporizers can pose risks and threats to your health that might not even be related directly to vaping.

It is best that you don’t vape in places where smoking is prohibited.

If you do want a healthier lifestyle, eliminate the nicotine from your e-liquids.
Most manufacturers allow you to choose your nicotine strengths, which make it easy to cut down on your intake.

Then you can eventually vape e-liquids with 0% nicotine.

Keep batteries safe, particularly if you use the 18650 vape ones.

Only use a charger that is recommended by the manufacturer, and don’t overcharge or over-discharge the batteries.

Store the batteries which you are not using in a safe place preferably a plastic case.


“Don’t carry loose batteries in your pocket.


Don’t try and build your own mods. Wait till you are familiar with how a vape mod works.


Got a better understanding of all the things you need to know about vaping?

Just remember that no matter what benefits that vaping has over smoking, the risks remain uncertain still.

Remember that most liquids do contain nicotine, which is a habit-forming substance – it can be poisonous if ingested.

No one can yet claim that vaping is totally harmless even though it lacks certain harmful ingredients that are present in normal cigarettes.


Against Vaping: If You Really Want to Quit Smoking

If You Really Want to Quit Smoking

Because there is a strong link between cardiovascular diseases and smoking, let alone smoking and cancer.

The sooner anybody quits smoking altogether, the better.

The sooner you quit, the quicker your body can bounce back from the damage done, and repair itself.

Speak to your doctor about the best tools to quit smoking and stop smoking programs – there will be the right one for you.

Because when you understand the real risk factors for heart disease, it can help you to decide to take charge of your health.


“Face it, smoking is not cool.


For your health sake, it’s better to be smart and not start at all.


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