Vaping Truths About Teens Risks and Vaping vs Smoking Addiction

Vaping Truths About Teens Risks and Vaping vs Smoking Addiction

Vaping Truths About Teens Risks and Vaping vs Smoking Addiction

Some Vaping Truths to Know About. 

Vaping Truths – Around 7 out of 10 smokers want to stop smoking. Smoking is no longer cool.

Not only unhealthy, but smoking in public places is banned in heaps of countries – nobody wants to breathe in cigarette smoke fumes.

Everybody knows that smoking is harmful to every part of your body and that includes your heart.

Smoking might have been a cool thing to do in the past, but it no longer is.

Right now, you might be a smoker and feeling tempted to switch over to e-cigarettes.


But let’s get an expert’s opinion on the truths about vaping.

Allow Michael Blaha, M.D., M.P.H., and the director of clinical research, Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease, to share some truths about vaping.


Some Vaping Truths to Know About

Vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking.

 E-cigarettes use nicotine which is extracted from tobacco, and this is heated up, together with flavorings and other chemicals.

This creates a water vapor so you can inhale it.

A regular tobacco cigarette might contain 7,000 chemicals in them; e-cigarettes contain fewer chemicals in them than traditional cigarettes.

But in saying that, nicotine still remains the primary agent in cigarettes and e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco; they just have cartridges which are filled with nicotine and other chemicals.

The liquid chemicals turn into a vapor or steam that a person inhales.

The fact of the matter is that e-cigarette smoking is still highly addictive

it still causes the desire to smoke and still causes you to suffer from withdrawal symptoms even if you ignore the craving.

Nicotine raises the blood pressure, spiking your adrenaline, which in turn increases your heart rate – that can cause a heart attack.


People should understand that e-cigarettes are potentially a danger to your health,” says Blaha.


Electronic cigarettes are just as addictive as traditional ones

Regular cigarette smoking and e-cigarettes contain nicotine, and research suggests that it can be just as addictive as heroin and cocaine.

Blaha says that a lot of e-cigarette users are probably getting more nicotine than they might be getting from a tobacco product…

because you can buy extra-strength cartridges.

Naturally, these have higher concentrations of nicotine, in them.

It means you can increase the e-cigarette’s voltage to get in bigger amounts of the substance.


Electronic cigarettes aren’t the best idea to stop smoking

Although the intention on the market is to help you to quit smoking, e-cigarettes have not received the Food and Drug Administration approval as doing just that.

In a recent study, it was found that most people whose intention it was to use e-cigarettes to kick their nicotine habit ended up just continuing to smoke their traditional cigarettes and their e-cigarettes.

Vaping Truths : Its less harmful than traditional smoking



A whole new generation is becoming hooked on nicotine

Among the youth, e-cigarettes are way more popular than any of the traditional tobacco products available.


“A while back in 2015, the U.S. surgeon general reported back that e-cigarette use amongst high school kids had increased by 900%!


He reported that 40% of young e-cigarette users had never smoked regular tobacco cigarettes!

Michael Blaha says that there are a couple of reasons why e-cigarettes seem to be particularly enticing to the young people.

  • Firstly, teens believe that vaping isn’t as harmful to them as smoking is.
  • Second, e-cigarettes have a lower cost-per-use as what traditional cigarettes have.
  • And thirdly, vape cartridges often come formulated with tempting flavorings such as watermelon or apple pie…
    enticing names that sound cool and appeal to the younger users.

Adults as well as the youth like the thought that there is no smoke and with it no smell…

the e-cigarettes reduce that stigma that says they are real smokers.


What is really concerning about vaping is that a lot of people would not have smoked before…

Particularly the youth but they are now taking up the habit of vaping.

It is one thing if you switch over from cigarette smoking to vaping

but it’s a different matter altogether if you start up your use of nicotine by vaping!

Often, it leads to traditional tobacco products further down the road


During the first decade after e-cigarettes were introduced onto the international market, they were not really regulated.

Even young people under the age of 18 could buy e-cigarettes legally throughout much of the USA.

Most e-cigarettes still include nicotine, a toxic and addictive chemical that particularly dangerous for teenagers…

and the under-25-year olds whose cognitive functions aren’t yet fully mature.


There is a new vaping trend called juuling, which looks very similar to portable computer drives; becoming very popular among adolescents.

Read everything about ‘juuling’.

Even though it is illegal to sell ‘juul’ to minors it hasn’t stopped them from getting their hands on it.

Many of the kids say ‘juuling’ makes them ‘feel good’.


How to Know if your child is juuling or vaping by watching for these signs:

  • Unexplained sweet scent from the scented vapors.
  • Strange ‘USB drivers’ and ‘pens’ that are actually vaping devices
  • Not showing interest in caffeine like their coffee like they used to.
  • Increased thirst from dehydration – maybe dark circles under their eyes.
  • More nosebleeds due to nostrils becoming dried.
  • Bloody sores in their mouth and/or smoker’s cough.
  • Strange batteries and chargers lying around.
  • Discarded juul pods and atomizers lying around



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